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Written by Richard McCuistian   
Monday, 26 January 2009


 My car is a Mercedes 1979 450 SLC. 
 Water pump is leaking from a small hole in the top of the pump.

 I am told, that as it is an aluminium pump, if I buy a service kit, at any
 time thereafter the bearing can strip the inside lining of the casing in
which it sits and rotate inside, causing damage . I am also told that this
 doesn't happen with a cast steel
pump. So I must pay for a new pump.

 New pump R 3000-00 and Kit is R 310.00 in local currency. R 3000-00 is  half a months, take home, salary. Your advice please, what should I do?  Can I temporarily Epoxy up the hole?

 Help me please and thanks in advance for the service.




For a temporary repair, try this:
Add a couple of tablespoons of brake fluid to the coolant.  That may (*and
 usually will) soften the seal enough to stop the leak.
Don't epoxy the hole.
After the leak stops (which it probably will), drain the cooling system,
 refill, and bleed it.
That's an old American filling station trick that will usually buy you some
 time and save you a little money.


 Well!  Knock me down with a feather. I put in the brake fluid and it has stopped leaking.

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