What do you know about Emissions?

  1. Vehicles primarily produce three harmful gasses and two harmless/beneficial gasses.  What are the harmful three? ______, ______,and ______ What are the harmless/beneficial two? __________ and___________
  2. What gas does the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) System control? ___________
  3. What is the optimum air/fuel mixture for the cleanest burn? _________
  4. Why was it necessary to remove lead from gasoline in the early 1970s?_______________________________________________________
  5. What vehicle emission does the evaporative (EVAP) system control? ____________
  6. Black smoke from the exhaust is a strong indicator of ___________ emissions (it’s one of the three)
  7. What actually happens at the molecular level when fuel ‘burns’ in the combustion chamber? ___________________________________________________________
  8. What does the term “stoichiometric” mean? _________________________________
  9. Does alcohol produce more power and fuel economy than gasoline? _________________________________
  10. During a combustion event, why does the ignition spark ‘burn out’ while energy is still available in the ignition coil? ____________________________________________
  11. If an engine is running too hot, which harmful gas increases? __________________

If an engine is running too cold, which gasses increase? _____________________

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