A Revealing Question…

I was working in my office preparing for the Fall semester when a teenage boy and girl came into the shop where I teach auto mechanics to ask if I could help get her car started.
As I walked with them, the boy told me about an expensive automotive program he was going to attend somewhere in Florida and boasted about the big money he would make when he was finished with that $60,000 program.
As we opened the hood on her Honda, he pointed to a part and asked if that part was the starter, and I said,
“No, that’s the distributor. The starter is down there.”
The problem wasn’t complicated – all the kids really needed was boost, and so I fetched a vehicle and we jumped the car off. The boy asked a couple of questions about my program, and one of the questions he asked was more revealing than he realized.
“Is your program hard?”
It seems that there are more than a few young people who want to go through an easy training program and get an easy job making easy money – lots of it – so they can live an easy life. And while the life of an automotive technician can be extremely rewarding, no successful automotive technician can honestly say the occupation is an easy one.
That’s not to say every task an automotive technician performs is hard, but a steady regimen of solving vehicle problems for other people requires heavy duty gumption, not to mention the need for expensive tools, intelligence, resourcefulness, and deep critical thinking skills.In order to be proven, we have to be tried. It’s the stuff of life.
Growing in Christ is no exception.

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