Funny Memory from ’73

This is a ’65 Galaxie – mine was a ‘Custom,’ which was a cheaper model, and mine didn’t have hubcaps.
I bought an 8 track player and a glass pack muffler from a friend named Willie who had removed those items from his crashed Torino, 15 bucks for the 8 track and five bucks for the glass pack – this was in ’73.
I installed the under-dash 8 track player and ran wires to some 6×9 speakers I got from Jim – he had removed them from his ’68 Chevelle before he sold it.
Danny  bought a Hitachi 8 track player from his cousin Henry for about 45 bucks.
Some of the guys made fun of me for buying a cheap 8 track and a cheap muffler.
My car – a ’65 Ford Custom (a cheaper version of the Galaxie), sounded twice as good as Steve’s ’60 model Chevy – with the used glass pack (of course, a 289 sounded better with a glass pack anyway) and he had paid 9 bucks for his glass pack at the NAPA store. He agreed that my car sounded better than his.
Danny’s Hitachi tape player would eat tapes. And when I rebutted his smack-talking about my 15 dollar tape player (which never ate tapes), his reply was that his tape player never ate his tapes – it only ate other people’s tapes.
Just a few funny memories.

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