Two Among Many

“You have to keep the bead in the drop center part of the rim – it won’t stretch, so it has to able to move in on one side to clear the top of the rim on the other side.” On the first tire, I was there, pushing the tire down so the bead would be in the drop center, and that tire went on with no issues.
This guy seemed pretty sharp and seemed to be listening – but then he called me back to the tire machine when he was almost done with the second tire because he couldn’t get the tire on – it was almost on but it had stalled the tire machine because he had TOTALLY not kept the bead in the drop center – well, you know what that means – it’s tantamount to ruining the tire you’re trying to mount, and he had it to the point where we were almost past the point of no return.
“You deserve a prize for this,” I said (not loud, not angry, just.. you know, sort of tongue in cheek and with a chuckle), and I pulled the air piston around to push the tire down on the opposite side – managed to recover the situation and get the tire mounted.
Once again, this was the second tire of four – and he walked away and wouldn’t even try to mount the other two.
At the very least he should have stayed to watch so he could see how it was supposed to be done.
Not sure how that will play out in the real world.
There’s another guy I teach at another location – kind of small high school guy who seems somewhat timid – he’s always there – every day – and always does what I tell him to do… but occasionally, he’ll do something kind of dumb – not dangerous, just dumb. Those things that make your jaw drop, because you know he should have been savvy enough from prior work he has done NOT to make such a mistake. And in those situations, with that guy, I’ll say, with considerable emphasis and volume.
“What on earth were you thinking? You know better than this!!!”
He stands there giving me a blank look, and when we recover whatever went south, he picks up his tools and goes back to work.
Which one of these guys would you rather have as an intern?

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